Shopping at Himeij Central Park

Lots of original items you can only find here!

Recommended Safari Park goods!

  • Melamine Plate, Cup, and Rice Bowl Recommended!

    Melamine Plate, Cup, and Rice Bowl

    These sizeable and convenient plates feature cool safari silhouettes. Buy a set and add some exotic fun to your meals!

    Plate ¥1,080
    Cup ¥600
    Rice Bowl ¥410

    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

  • Felt Folder & Bookmark Recommended!

    Felt Folder & Bookmark

    The white tiger makes a powerful impression! The felt is so fluffy you won’t be able to keep your hands off it.

    Folder ¥540
    Bookmark ¥220 each

    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

  • Animal Pattern Towels Recommended!

    Animal Pattern Towels

    Everybody loves these popular animal patterns. Made in Imabari, the soft texture is wonderful.

    Bath towel ¥1,080

    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

  • White Tiger/Zebra Design T-shirts and Boxers Recommended!

    White Tiger/Zebra Design
    T-shirts and Boxers

    Which pattern do you like?

    T-shirts ¥2,270
    Boxers ¥1,080

    Available at:Oasis

  • Tissue Box Cover Recommended!

    Tissue Box Cover

    These convenient covers let you hang or place tissues in your car, room, or anywhere you please. They come in several subdued colors that are sure to add some flair to your surroundings!


    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

  • Jungle Hat Recommended!

    Jungle Hat

    Available in khaki and beige. Practical for both hiking and shopping!


    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

Recommended items for women!

  • 366-day Memorial White Tiger Recommended!

    366-day Memorial White Tiger

    Wear this bracelet as a reminder of a special day of yours.


    Available at:Oasis

  • Happy Kumakumao Recommended!

    Happy Kumakumao

    Happy wishes to you and everyone from Himeji Central Park.


    Available at:Oasis

  • Collagen Body Towel & Face Cloth Recommended!

    Collagen Body Towel & Face Cloth

    Made with plant collagen, this body oil beats back dryness to keep skin moist. This soft face cloth makes washing more enjoyable.

    Body Towel ¥710
    Face Cloth ¥490

    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

  • HIMECEN Stationery Series Recommended!

    HIMECEN Stationery Series

    Perfect for completing simple tasks at school or in the office. If you look closely, you’ll see that the animals spell out “Himecen.”

    Mechanical Pencil/Ballpoint Pen ¥380
    Sticky Notes/Memo Pad Set ¥440
    Mini Letter Set ¥330
    Folding Ruler ¥330

    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

  • Safari Tree Series Recommended!

    Safari Tree Series

    These mature goods will make you feel like you’re on a wild safari surrounded by the grandeur of nature.

    Bandanna ¥870
    Chopsticks ¥540
    Tin Badge ¥250
    Rubber Holder ¥540

    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

  • Transforming White Tiger Cushion Recommended!

    Transforming White Tiger Cushion

    Turn it inside out and it’s a cushion; reverse it and it’s a tiger plushie. Choose whichever one suits your mood.


    Available at:Oasis

Kid recommended goods!

  • Souvenir Medal Recommended!

    Souvenir Medal

    The white tiger is the most popular one, of course! Add the date and your name to turn it into a lasting memento.

    Medal ¥400
    Key Chain ¥200

    Available at:Oasis

  • Toramaru Series Recommended!

    Toramaru Series

    A new series featuring the ever-popular Toramaru and friends! There are 96 varieties of towels available w/names printed on them. Baby sock size is 9-13 cm.

    Hooded Towel ¥1,950
    Hand Towels w/ Names ¥650
    Baby Socks ¥540

    Available at:Oasis
    ※Hooded Towel are Available at Contatto

  • White Tiger Hat; Paku Paku Tiger Cap Recommended!

    White Tiger Hat; Paku Paku Tiger Cap

    The Paku Paku Tiger Cap is suitable for adults too. Wear these goods along with your children and enjoy your safari adventure.

    White Tiger Hat ¥2,340
    Paku Paku Tiger Cap ¥2,160

    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

Recommended Amusement Park goods!

  • Footprint Cookies (10 per package) Recommended!

    Footprint Cookies (10 per package)

    These cookies were carefully made one by one by pastry chefs.


    Available at:Oasis

  • White chocolate tart cookie Recommended!

    White chocolate tart cookie

    This tart cookie that white tiger drawn with chocolate plumply is very cute and fashionable.


    Available at:Oasis

  • Perorin Sauce; Mature Perorin Sauce Recommended!

    Perorin Sauce; Mature Perorin Sauce

    Perorin Sauce comes in two varieties: an all-purpose, less sour variety and a spicy, sour sauce with a mature flavor that contains raw mustard. Compare how they taste!

    Perorin Sauce ¥540
    Mature Perorin Sauce ¥650

    Available at:Oasis

  • Safari Curry Recommended!

    Safari Curry

    This premium curry exceeds the bounds of ordinary retort foods with some 20 different spices sourced from Hyogo Prefecture.


    Available at:Oasis

  • Castella Recommended!


    Fluffy sponge cake filled with a lots of chocolate cream and custard. 2 flavors to enjoy.

    8 pcs ¥650

    Available at:Oasis / Contatto

  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Recommended!

    Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

    The wonderful packaging features the many animals of Himeji Central Park. The generous supply of crispy, crunchy goodness will have you longing for more.


    Available at:Oasis / Contatto


Located just inside the Amusement Park Gate, this gift shop stocks a wide variety of original Himeji Central Park products. There are many great items you can purchase as souvenirs including confectionaries with Safari Park animal themes or trinkets named after Amusement Park attractions.

Location : Just inside the Amusement Park Gate
Open : During park hours

Accepted credit cards


JCB, Visa, NICOS and Aeon Card are accepted.

Contatto gift shop

This gift shop is found in the Fureai-no-Kuni zone of the Walking Safari. It offers a wide range of products including stuffed animals, replicas, keychains, and popular original goods. Come pick out some great mementos to remind yourself of your visit to the Himeji Central Park.

Location :Inside Safari Park
Open : Park opening until 30 min prior to the Safari Park’s closing

Credit cards not accepted.