Attractions at Himeji Central Park

Diavlo Thrill Rides

Japan's first high-speed inverted coaster!

Flapper Thrill Rides

Get on and ride the waves!♪

Helios Thrill Rides

The spin monster has come! Can you endure his wrath?

Crazy Bar Thrill Rides

Crazy Bar
Once the barrel starts rocking, it never stops!

Labyrinth Thrill Rides

Feel like Indiana Jones at every twist and turn!♪

Great Poseidon Thrill Rides

Great Poseidon
Plow through rough seas on a pirate ship!

Jet  Coaster Thrill Rides

Jet  Coaster
A classic roller coaster for the little ones!

Hurricane Thrill Rides

Loop-di-loops, corkscrews and 26 m dives inside the mountainous scenery!♪

Let’s Go SL Carts & Trains

Let’s Go SL
Are you in for a ride around the lake on the Let's Go?

Battery Cars Carts & Trains

Battery Cars
These slow-moving cars are designed to look like popular cartoon characters that little kids love.☆

Let’s Go Anpanman Carts & Trains

Let’s Go Anpanman
Hop onboard the train for a fun ride with Anpanman as your conductor!

Convoy Carts & Trains

Just for kids, this ride features 4 cute utility vehicles cruising through fields.☆

BIG8 Family Attractions

An unbelievable 85 m tall!
You can look out across the whole park and the surrounding mountainous landscape.♪

Putt-Putt Golf Family Attractions

Putt-Putt Golf
Who wouldn't enjoy a round of put-put golf amidst these magnificent surroundings?♪

Bazooka Family Attractions

Aim and fire at monsters in the distance! The powerful boom echoed with every shot will make your blood pump!

Buster Bomb Family Attractions

Buster Bomb
Wear 3D glasses to experience the powerful visuals!

Psycho Labyrinth of Mirrorna Family Attractions

Psycho Labyrinth of Mirrorna
Explore the inner reaches of the mind while making your way through a labyrinth of mirrors and lights.

Shocking Horror Museum Family Attractions

Shocking Horror Museum
Nothing but fright and shivers await you!

Treasure Hunter Family Attractions

Treasure Hunter
Search for treasure with your friends and family!♪

Carnival Corner Family Attractions

Carnival Corner
This carnival gallery features simple games of skill like throwing balls into buckets.♪

Cyber Station Family Attractions

Cyber Station
This is the only game arcade in the park!

The Jungle Family Attractions

The Jungle
Romp with your reptilian friends in our No. 1 attraction!

Super Splash Family Attractions

Super Splash
Introducing our new water slide attraction, “Super Splash”!

World's Largest Grand Carousel Pegasus Kids Attractions

World's Largest Grand Carousel Pegasus
One of the largest merry-go-rounds in the world!
There are not only horses but rabbits and deer, as well!☆

Pegasus (Merry-Go-Round) Kids Attractions

Pegasus (Merry-Go-Round)
This gorgeously ornate merry-go-round is 2-stories tall!

Imorinth Kids Attractions

A popular roller coaster amongst little kids!☆

Pao Pao Kids Attractions

Pao Pao
Soar in the sky on a flying elephant! Its large ears serve as wings for taking you higher!

Sky Heli Kids Attractions

Sky Heli
You've got the go sign from the control tower, so off you go!

Albatross Kids Attractions

Jump into a balloon and up you go.
You'll feel the wind as the ride rotates!

Ahirukantai Kids Attractions

Hitch a ride from these cute ducklings for a stroll in the sky☆