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Skate with friends and family!Welcome to the Kazenoshiro Ice Rink!

Skate for free with a general admission ticket to Himeji Central Park.

The chalk-colored castle that catches everyone's eye in the play zone of Himeji Central Park is Kazenoshiro. This super-gorgeous multipurpose hall is made of enough stones to build a pyramid. In winter, the hall is converted into an indoor ice rink so that visitors can enjoy winter sports.

General information

Rink size 56m × 26m
Open dates/hours Check rink dates/hours on the Park Calendar
* Reception closes 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Ice Rink

Rental skates (Free) * There are some for pay.

Skates are available in all 0.5 cm sizes between 16 - 31 cm. Skate counters are divided by sizes,
therefore go the counter that has the size you want.
You should rent skates that are 0.5 cm or 1.0 cm bigger than your regular shoe size.

When ready to rent skates, show your general admission ticket (must be valid for that day) at the skate rental counter.

  • General admission ticket (Purchased that day or in advance)
  • Annual pass
  • Corporate card

Each person who wants to rent skates must have his/her own ticket or credit card.

Rental gear (For pay)

(Pink, blue or black)
(Elbow, knee and wrist)
¥500 per pair

For sale

Himeji Central Park original stretchable gloves
Himeji Central Park original stretchable gloves Children's (Blue or red) Adult's (Black, blue or red)
¥300 per pair
Ladies' and men's socks
22 - 24 cm, 25 - 27 cm
¥300 per pair


The Ice Rink has 150 lockers.

Resurfacing times

Resurfacing times
Weekdays … About 13:00
Weekends & Holidays …
About 13:00 and 15:00

* The ice may be resurfaced at other times and frequencies depending on how crowded the ice rink is and business hours.

First time? Not a problem! Free Lessons for Beginners!

Lesson plan
How to skate, stop and turn safely
Every Saturday & Holiday
112:30 - 214:30 -
30 min per lesson
Free Lessons for Beginners!
Free Lessons for Beginners!