Visit both Himeji Castle and Himeji Central Park! Sightseeing in Himeji

World Heritage, National Treasure Himeji Castle

Engage the local history and a world heritage in one.

Engage the local history and 
a world heritage in one.

Plan a visit to Himeji today!
On a clear day, Himeji Castle is so beautiful that your visit here is refreshing.

Together with Horyuji Temple, Himeji Castle was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage in December 1993, the first in a line of 19 sites in Japan. No other existing castle in Japan has received such world acclaim.

Grand Opening March 27, 2015
To visit the official website of Himeji Castle, click here.

A different look for every season

A different look for every season

There's even more to see during special exhibitions in spring and fall.

Ro-corridor between turrets butterfly

Take the transit bus to Himeji Central Park.

First, you get to stave off the hunger! So, it's lunch at a restaurant in the Amusement Park.

Japanese hamburger with rice and soup
Japanese hamburger with rice and soupBIANCO
Tempuradon AZURO

The Amusement Park has 3 restaurants and 3 snack bars, so picking one can be mind-boggling, but here we're choosing Japanese food.

View restaurants

The Drive-thru Safari is not something you do everyday!

Drive-thru Safari

Drive-thru Safari

The bus has wide windows, so you get a panoramic view of the safari landscape without getting out of your seat.

Drive-thru Safar

The Drive-thru Safari departs from the bus stop in the Amusement Park where the animal buses stop. It takes you up-close to wild carnivores you don't see everyday like cheetahs, lions and tigers, as well as the big herbivores like elephants and giraffes! It is an impressive ride!

About the Drive-thru Safari

Go face-to-face with animals on the Walking Safari.

Flying Cage No. 1

Flying Cage No. 1

Walking Avenue(White tiger)

Walking Avenue(White tiger)

After finishing the Drive-thru Safari, you move on to the Walking Safari.
In the aviaries, you encounter free-roaming flamingoes and many other birds, plus a big, happy family of capybaras. As you follow the path, you see a wide range of animals including super rare white lions and white tigers! Of course, they're caged.

About the Walking Safari

Return back to the Amusement Park to get souvenirs for your friends and family.


From the left: White Baumkuchen, Salted Manju, and Chocolate and Banana Tart Cookies

There are some great souvenirs that adults would love!
These delightful gifts are guaranteed to make everyone happy!

Shopping at Oasis

1-day Model Itinerary

This itinerary takes you to Himeji Castle and Himeji Central Park, and back in 1 day.
Himeji Castle and Himeji Central Park