It's an animal paradise!
Try the safari on foot!

Go face-to-face with animals
in the forest.

The Walking Safari brings you up-close to a variety animals because you can freely walk the green-rich course.

Free-roaming birds and animals right there in front of you!

The aviary is full of colorful birds flying freely about.

Everyone gets a kick out of the capybaras hanging out at the hot spring.

You have got to see how the ring-tailed lemurs climb trees!

The big and somewhat intimidating emu is actually quite docile.

The wallabies take it easy in the afternoon, but what you want see is when they jump!

Encounter rare white lions and white tigers!

Both the white lion and white tiger are mutations. There are only about 300 white lions in the world and only about 20 white tigers in Japan, but you can see both at Himeji Central Park.

Try feeding them, too! Even from the other side of the grating, it's exhilarating.

You can also feed the elephants and giraffes!

You can feed the animals from the Drive-Thru Safari. You'll be entertained by the 50 cm long tongue of the giraffe and the snorting of the African elephant.

To get people to toss him food, the Hokkaido brown bear "Kuniko" strikes a hilarious laid-back pose.

Smile for the camera! This is how big brown bears can get!

There are plenty of other animals waiting for you on the Walking Safari.


Like adorable otters. The exhibit teaches you a lot about their habitat.


These Japanese monkeys live on Monkey Mountain. This particular one might look like the guy next to you!

Red panda

The red panda is popular because of its cute face and the funny poses it makes. It is actually part of the Procyonidae Family that raccoons belong to.

You come across thousands of great places to take pictures when walking!

There are lots of great places to take close-ups of animals or groups shots of friends on the Walking Safari! At the entrance, staff will gladly take your picture. The photos can be quickly printed and enclosed in an original frame that you can purchase. Perfect for remembering the fun time you had at Himeji Central Park!


Saho Matsuoka, Curator of Aviary No.1

Our big happy capybara family

Our staff knows some interesting things!
Safari Report

The big attraction recently at Aviary No. 1 has been our "capybara family." It's a big family with 10 capybaras! The capybara is the largest rodent in the world. An adult can weigh as much as 60 kg, but, even so, it a cousin of the rat. In fact, just like the guinea pig is called tenjiku nezumi (nezumi meaning "rat") in Japanese, the capybara is called onitenjiku nezumi. Adult males can be easily recognized by an egg-shaped projection above the snout called a "morillo." It's funny, though, because this is the name of one of the babies. But, the funny part is that it's a female and she will never develop a morillo in her entire life! You can probably pick her out in the crowd.
Come meet Morillo and the rest of her big happy family!