Shopping at Himeij Central Park

Lots of original items you can only find here!

Recommended Safari Park goods!

  • Animal Face Mug Recommended!

    Animal Face Mug

    These mugs will catch everyone's attention either in the kitchen or at the office, and make a regular tea break a whole lot more stylish.


  • Animal Face Beach Towel Recommended!

    Animal Face Beach Towel

    Talking about impact! Close-up prints of beasts of prey! Excellent as room decoration, too.


  • Animal Pattern Towels Recommended!

    Animal Pattern Towels

    Everybody loves these popular animal patterns. Made in Imabari, the soft texture is wonderful.

    Bath towel ¥1,080
    Face towel ¥540

  • White Tiger/Zebra Design T-shirts and Boxers Recommended!

    White Tiger/Zebra Design
    T-shirts and Boxers

    Which pattern do you like?

    T-shirts ¥2,270
    Boxers ¥1,080

  • Camouflage Cap Recommended!

    Camouflage Cap

    3 color schemes to choose from!


  • Jungle Hat Recommended!

    Jungle Hat

    Available in khaki and beige. Practical for both hiking and shopping!


Recommended items for women!

  • Colorful Tiger Mascot Recommended!

    Colorful Tiger Mascot

    Cute good-luck charm. What will you wish for? Luck in love? Better health?


  • Animal-themed Good-luck Charm Recommended!

    Animal-themed Good-luck Charm

    May everyone be happy! The animals at Himeji Central Park wish you good-luck.


  • 366-day Memorial White Tiger Recommended!

    366-day Memorial White Tiger

    Wear this bracelet as a reminder of a special day of yours.


  • とらまる・ももころ・ゆずるぞう 携帯クリーナー付きマスコッ Recommended!

    Toramaru, Momokoro and Yuzuruzo Mascot/Cellphone Cleaner

    These cute cellphone cleaners are round and so soft you won't want to put them down.


  • Happy Kumakumao Recommended!

    Happy Kumakumao

    Happy wishes to you and everyone from Himeji Central Park.


Kid recommended goods!

  • Toramaru/Momokoro Caps Recommended!

    Toramaru/Momokoro Caps

    Wearing these caps magically transforms anyone into Toramaru and Momokoro!


  • Toramaru Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil Recommended!

    Toramaru Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil

    There's a picture of the baby tiger Chibimaru on them.

    ¥380 each

  • Animal Photo School Supplies Recommended!

    Animal Photo School Supplies

    These school supplies are decorated with pictures of the animals in Himeji Central Park!

    Clear file ¥270
    Ruler ¥330
    Ballpoint pen ¥440
    Push-stick eraser ¥330

Recommended Amusement Park goods!

  • Footprint Cookies (10 per package) Recommended!

    Footprint Cookies (10 per package)

    These cookies were carefully made one by one by pastry chefs.


  • Chocolate and Banana Tart Cookies (10 per package) Recommended!

    Chocolate and Banana Tart Cookies (10 per package)

    These cookies have a stylish tart finish. Perfect for "adults on safari!"


  • Animal Family Langue de Chat (21 per package) Recommended!

    Animal Family Langue de Chat (21 per package)

    With 21 per package, these white chocolate langue de chat are perfect as a souvenir!


  • Perorin Sauce Recommended!

    Perorin Sauce

    Slightly acidic all-purpose sauce made with no artificial coloring added. Smooth thick texture made with abundant fruits and vegetables.


  • Safari Curry Recommended!

    Safari Curry

    This premium curry exceeds the bounds of ordinary retort foods with some 20 different spices sourced from Hyogo Prefecture.



Located just inside the Amusement Park Gate, this gift shop stocks a wide variety of original Himeji Central Park products. There are many great items you can purchase as souvenirs including confectionaries with Safari Park animal themes or trinkets named after Amusement Park attractions.

Location : Just inside the Amusement Park Gate
Open : During park hours

Accepted credit cards


JCB, Visa, NICOS and Aeon Card are accepted.